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    2/38, R. B. Marg opp. Mafatlal Mill, Ghorupdeo, Mumbai 400 010, India
  • info@bowmanarcher.com


  • capacity 250 mili ltrs – 1300 ltrs
  • By integrating a single unit, capital investment and good manufacturing practice (GMP) floor space is lower than other alternatives.
  • The number of material handling step is decreased, thus reducing the number of operators.
  • It contains a high shear mixer granulator that is also equipped with drying technologies. A one pot processor is used processing is the production of granules using a wet granulation process in which dry mixing, liquid addition, wet granulation, drying, blending and sizing of granules is done in one machine.
  • Variable rotation speed and mix time to suite recipe need.
  • Multiple bowl options are available for drying and processing.
  • Advanced WIP system with multiple dynamic wash points for thorough cleaning.
  • Optional isolation valves provided for explosion suppression.
  • Design principles include Froude’s No. and Revolution speed functional parameter.
  • Suitable for onco line

Machinery Features

  • Zero Floor Occupancy
  • Vertical Mobility
  • Fit In Facility Design
  • Variant Customization On-Demand
  • Gravity & Air Transfer Processing
  • Closed with OEL Standard
  • Wash All Corner Feature
  • Safe Design
  • PAT Monitored Yield
  • Visual Supervisory Forms
  • Graphical Outputs
  • I-Smart Systems
  • Time Period Conserved