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  • One Pot Processors (AIC POT) offer a choice of mixing, granulation and drying options integrated into one processing vessel.
  • A single pot processor is a high shear mixer granulator that is also equipped with drying technologies. Thus, single pot processing is the production of granules using a wet granulation process in which dry mixing, liquid addition, wet granulation, drying and sizing of granules is done in one machine.
  • Requirements for solvent recovery system are lower for single pot processors compared with Fluid Bed Dryers.
  • Swinging bowl options during vacuum drying results in an improvement of the granule characteristics and a reduction in drying time.
  • Easy and efficient cleaning (CIP).
  • By integrating granulating and drying capabilities into a single unit, capital investment and good manufacturing practice (GMP) floor space is lower than other alternatives.
  • The number of material handling step is decreased, thus reducing the number of operators.

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