• Bowman & Archer Pharma Machines India Pvt Ltd. 267,Irani Bldg,
    2/38, R. B. Marg opp. Mafatlal Mill, Ghorupdeo, Mumbai 400 010, India
  • info@bowmanarcher.com
  • capacity 250 mili ltrs – 1300 ltrs
  • A process which allows primary powder particles to adhere and form granules, is one of the most important unit operations in drug manufacturing and it is the Granulation process.
  • Design principles such as Froude’s no., Tip velocity and swept volume are also included.
  • Tangential Blade assembly with inclined profile for mass movement and better mixing.
  • Reduction of material size for drying is achieved by Inline bowmil (co-mill).
  • Material Transferred by closed pneumatic transfer system (PTS).
  • Advanced WIP system with multiple dynamic wash points for thorough cleaning.
  • Fluid bed processing involves drying, granulation and coating of particulate materials obtained from Rapid Mixer Granulator.
  • Uniform processing conditions are achieved by passing hot air through a product layer under controlled velocity conditions to create a fluidized state.
  • Blending is done to achieve a flexible and efficient mixing process with no risk of cross contamination.
  • Flexible batch sizes can be blended at one time as one blender accommodates a multiple different IBC size.
  • Double locking assembly for containers with easy manoeuvring and improved safety operation..

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    Integrated Granulation Line